Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bad is still bad

We are frequently called to repair what the low bidders hoped would be acceptable. While we can usually help to one degree or another, whole scale miracle working is a bit rare.

Let's go back to the car analogy.

If you buy a brand new low end Kia, you get what you paid for. Basic transportation that should get you here and there. It is not a ferrari. It is not a Lexus. It's not an Acura.

When you go furniture shopping, the high end leather couch is going to cost more than the micro fiber alternative. And, if you buy the micro fiber, I can't turn that into leather.

The lifetime warranty costs more than the 'till the check clears' warranty.

The point being that things cost what they cost for a reason.

You can drop a hat over comparable bids from the top 3 shops in Tulsa. We all understand what it takes to do it right and back it up.

When someone comes in 30% cheaper, there is a reason. And, it ain't because they're smarter. It's a matter of how many corners you'll allow them to cut and get away with.

Just a little basic common sense...