Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outdoor Kitchens

We've seen a growing trend toward the use of outdoor kitchens.

Apparently, others have, too. As I know there are some local appliance places opening new stores dedicated toward this end. So, I believe there is a trend evolving.

Natural Stone is the obvious choice since it's lived outdoors all it's 'life'.['Engineered Alternatives CANNOT live in any sun. Guaranteed Failure. Same for any resin-based product.]

However, almost all Granites have a resin top coat on them. As I've mentioned before, this is for stronger yields. In a lot of cases, the glue is stronger than the surrounding stone. But, at some point, even that small amount of resin is going to give up the ghost. UV and resins don't mix. Period. [Oh, but Boyd, it's advertised as UV resistant...Answer: Umbrellas with holes are water resistant.]

So, the [ethical] stone providers who know this try to limit your selections to stones that are not typically resined. This is very, very limiting. [In our yard, at this moment, I can think of maybe 5 that fit that description]. This means the really pretty exotic ones are off base, unless the outdoor kitchen is 100% shaded.

Well, that is no longer true. We can strip the factory resin and either leather, caress or re-polish the stone. Not all stones will work as some have concentrated areas of factory resin that act as fillers for voids native to the slabs. But, most certainly will work. We can tell by looking at it.

So, you are free to choose what you like. With proper techniques and treatment, a whole new array of exotics are now available.