Saturday, March 22, 2008

Leathered finish

We are now able to offer 'leathered' finishes on any stone. We also do honing and brushing.
The leather finish is kind of like a river-washed effect. As if the softer portions of the stone had been eroded by a natural stream over many, many years. To the touch, it has the slightest texture as you run your fingers over it. It also takes away most of the shine, although we can color enhance it to bring the uniqueness of the stone color back. But, it will remain a matte finish.
Several US slab distributors offer a very limited amount of colors in leathered stone. Usually in dark colors. [Cambrian Black seems to be used quite often]
Now, we can leather any stone. We are not limited to what their suppliers provide. We're running some Golden Crystal right now.
Any color you want can now be leathered, honed or brushed.

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patti said...

I have had polished granite in 2 very highly used kitchens and did virtually nothing to "maintain" it except clean it as I used it with some soap product and water. In the course of 20 years, the granite was like new. Now I am thinking of installing leathered finish granite in a new kitchen and have been warned that it might be a problem because it is porous. Could you give me your opinion and/or experience with leathered finish? I will not be using a showy swirled pattern or black, probably something in the grays.