Wednesday, December 6, 2006


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This is the front side of what is called a polishing line. Just like the one in the picture, a raw slab is put in, flat, through the front side of the machine. When it emerges, it is fully polished up to a 3500 grit shine.

The latest technology in polishing lines employ 23 polishing heads that will begin at 50 grit and graduate up through 3500. With a late model Breton or Pedrini polishing machine, you can process a full slab inside of 2 minutes. It is almost not fair. 3-20 days to cut it, a few hours for resin, and a mere 2 minutes to finish it.

Small shops may have one polishing machine with only 1 head. That will take several hours to polish. Larger factories may have 3 or 4 polishing lines.

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